Monday, October 19, 2009

New Blog

Hello there. It feels a little strange to be writing this. Sort of like putting a message in a bottle and casting it off into a dark and shifty sea... not entirely sure where it will end up or if anyone will ever read it.

As much as I loved this project, it did not feel right to go back in and continue it - despite my having more free time now and a very different life than when I began this blog.

I have, however, started something new. Because I feel impelled to write. Because I still feel called to do something, in some form, in some way - something that connects to other people and somehow humanizes the journey we all take together but often feel so alone within.

If you would like to check it out, I'd love for you to see it. If you enjoy it, please read it. It will not be daily... but it will be often. My mind is a-hoppin' as my grandmother might say.

Love to you and peace to you... wherever this may find you.


UUpdater said...

Would you like your listing on UUpdates to reference the new blog?

PhillyStandUp said...

so what type of story are you tryin to tell and what are you trying to showcast

Markiesnana said...

Just came across your blog at random, and I think it's great!

Genevra said...

Thank you! It was a labor of love and an incredible process of learning. Please check out the new one too if you have a chance!

Maggie said...

Hey when I start reading your Blogs and become a member you just call it quits =(
I don't read much Jessie and you know that but I enjoy your witty humor and your writing style.
Keep me posted on your new online lifestyle. =)

randyrandom said...

OMG,... i love your postings.. keep it up and check out mine, im a new blogger.

Jraltaf said...

Dude you rock!! M also new to blog and m here to make new friends also. Maybe one day you will write our friendship story in your new blog :)