Friday, February 15, 2008

DINER love

One of my most favorite shows right now is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network. My husband and I love diners. There are two here in town - one that has a more rural, greasy-spoon feel and one that has a more college, funky, awesome-breakfast feel. They are both amazing, and what is wonderful about them is how authentic they feel. The wait staff at the greasy spoon, Mary Lou's Grill, consists of high schoolers, undergrads, and career waitresses. The older ladies dote on our 2-year old daughter... and the homemade pies create a happy little dance party in your mouth. Phenonmenal.

Harbaugh's - our funky, artsy, yummy breakfast goodies gem - has a faster feel, a more adventurous menu, and a waitstaff that looks like they moonlight as bartenders at the local college hotspots. Everyone is nice, but very busy... and the line on weekends requires an early start to beat out the sleepy and/or hungover students who arrive around 10:30 to 11:00am to begin their Saturday with a dash of deliciousness.

Diners are fantastic to me because of their simplicity, their casualness, and their ability to look ugly and dingy and just not care. They remind me of the best friend who doesn't even notice if you come over in your nastiest sweatpants with your hair unwashed and your teeth unbrushed. They're the partner you've been with so long you no longer have to hold in your stomach or hide your bodily fluids. They don't care what you did last night, who you did it with, or for how long. They love you - whether you're at your best or worst.

Give me a good diner any day of the week and I'll make room for homemade chocolate cream pie and ask for a second serving of fresh brewed ice tea. Joy, joy, joy.

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