Monday, February 25, 2008

heart v. head

The heart says GO FOR IT
sings out loud
like a hyper two year old
and shouts for you to listen up
because something important has happened -
everything has shifted;
clarity has landed squarely on your nose
(sitting, waiting to be noticed,
acknowledged and squeezed)
so you may stop feeling so alone.

The head says STOP. THINK.
Be smart about this...
sounds like jumbled voices
of motherbestfriendteacherego
that whispers tales of wrong choices
and poor parenting
and sagging marriage
and frivolous wastings of time and money
come on now
let's be practical (at least).

The truth is probably
somewhere in the middle;
stuck between the two
like a child between arguing parents,
trying to make the best of it and
holding out faith that
everything will be okay...
playing with dolls in the corner,
acting out scenes of reunion,
singing songs under its breath
and dreaming at night of
gutsy intelligence:
courageous and realistic in its reaching.

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