Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice. Ice. Baby.

We had our second ice storm today within a little over a week. SIUC was closed, again, which is a very rare occurence (prior to last week's storm, they had not canceled classes for 20 years). The plus side of this was I got to spend a day with my daughter - instead of teaching, working, and attending supervision.

However, we were stuck inside - and that can be a major challenge for Ariana, who tends to get a bit cabin-feverish when trapped indoors too long. Ice and sleet means you can't even play outside. What to do?

Macaroni necklaces! A little bit of twine, a bag full of ziti previously used for children's crafting projects with the LEAF program through Asian Human Services in Chicago, and some crayons for color. Simple... a wee bit fragile... but thoroughly entertaining for a child of almost 2. Seemingly magical even.

It became the anchor around which our day was centered. We returned to it multiple times to ooo and ahh and giggle and display. Her delight in such tiny things is astounding and inspirational - a good reminder in the middle of stressful weeks with wintry weather.

She is my angel, my elf, my muse. My little baby girl who is equal parts challenge and insight. (And the brand new owner of a green, blue, pink, and purple crayon-colored ziti necklace approximately 26 inches long.)

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