Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ode to Bach

Unfortunately, it's too late in the day to tackle a literal ode; however, you may consider this a metaphorical one and (hopefully) forgive my tiredness and lack of creative spark as bedtime quickly approaches.

Bach seems to me inherently and unarguably connected to the divine. His music is transportational... transcendent. I don't know what he was channeling or how... but, for me, it's like the chords of my soul are struck by the complexity and beauty of his music to create a harmonious vibrational frequency so that I may resonate with every single molecule and atom around me and ultimately feel one with everything.

Which is one way in which I understand God.

Another way is through connection to others. Adler would call it social interest. A Buddhist might think of it as compassion. I see it as a kind of commitment to strive toward seeing (feeling, knowing) the intrinsic worth of my fellow human beings in order to provide (and ask for) help with openness and kindness and without fear or judgment.

My take is: Social interest and compassion are linked to purposefulness and meaning, which are linked to centeredness and peace, which are connected to enlightenment and the divine, which links back to social interest and compassion... and on and on. One might even say they are interconnected, because - let's face it - linearity in this world is rare and truth tends to be woven into a more holistic and systemic pattern when you look at it from far enough away.

Bach is my ticket to a bird's eye view from which, for a few precious moments, I can see the intricate webbing of my singular life and begin to appreciate the multiple connections binding me to an infinite and interconnected world.

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