Sunday, September 28, 2008

Into Autumn

There is a very small pumpkin in the backyard. It was one of Ari's birthday plants that managed to survive in its small pot and was eventually transferred to the backyard when Papa and Num-Num came to visit this summer.

It has pretty much blossomed and died, except for one doggedly determined little pumpkin plant who started life looking more like a watermelon. It has remained alive, despite Ari's enthusiastic but problematic removal of its stem early on and the disappearance of nearly every other part of the plant that once spread out like tentacles from the patch near the garage wall wherein the plant was rooted.

The little fruit has turned from green to orange in the last few weeks, and although Simon has decided this is a prime pee spot and never fails to miss a chance to "water" the plant each and every time he goes out, there is a wee possibility it will survive into October and potentially be fully ripe as we enter autumn.

I am no pumpkin expert, and so I am unsure whether this gestation period resembles the expected pattern, nor have I decided what sort of impact (if any) Simon's generous fertilization should have upon what we do with the plant should it ever come to a fully ready state.

But it's been lovely to watch it grow, to marvel at its tenacity and determination, and to see it's bright little round body grace our yard with spunky bravado in the face of so many seeming obstacles.

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