Tuesday, September 16, 2008


We were at "the Castle" today - a park designed in memory of a local young man. It is a medievil/fantasy wonderland: dragons, wizards, soldiers, and monsters... and a ginormous castle with trap doors, multiple levels, bridges, thrones, and all sorts of wild decorations. It's truly awesome.

We were playing on a bridge connecting two sections, and Ari decided to lie down. She asked me to do so as well. I did... and there we lay, looking up at a bright blue sky with soft, white clouds floating overhead, encased in the perfect cool air of the first weeks of autumn. Bright, clear, gorgeous weather that makes everything smell good and look sharp.

Such a simple, perfect, joyful moment. Something I would never have thought to do... a little gift from a two-year old mind that looks at the world without worrying so much. Amazing how much it can make a difference.

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