Friday, September 5, 2008

Taken for Granted

We got an update today from our friends who have been in the hospital with their little one; they are not out of the woods yet, but steps are being taken and it sounds like all went well for this initial procedure, so we all have high hopes it will continue to be good news and an excellent prognosis for all the steps that will follow.

Their little one is only 10 weeks old. And he is not the first child of a friend who has faced serious complications this early in life. And while it's always inspiring to me how strong the parents - my friends who are often far away and so sorely missed - can be... I also know how everything you know and feel can shift swiftly and sharply in the middle of a crisis. What we previously thought we could never bear, we push through and take one step at at time... because, as someone at school once said, we have to. What else would you do?

I feel great empathy for these parents who face such scary situations with their children. And it makes me realize how much I take Ari's health (and really Andy's and mine as well) for granted. It's an excellent reminder, as are so many of the things those around the world are faced with daily, of what a blessed life I lead. One that I should not take lightly or dismiss easily, because I am very lucky. Even those crises we have faced pale in comparison to the trials of others, and so I hope to always remember to value the good things I have... to cherish the good in my life.

We continue to pray for our friends and their loved ones as they face these challenges; to celebrate the survivals, the successes, the small miracles; and to keep remembering to appreciate each blessing - each joy - because they are wonderful, special, miraculous gifts.

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