Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lazy Bones...

Some days are so full I yearn to sit still on the couch snuggled under blankets and just relax. It's something that has become strikingly less common in my life since having Ari and returning to school; however, most nights Andy and I manage to end the day with some form of vegging out... which I have come to see as a delicious and peaceful necessity—a form of self-care and way of being kind to myself so that I slow down for at least a few moments and breathe.

I used to feel guilty about this nightly stopping, as if it was somehow too indulgent or too indolent or too wasteful. But lately I've been letting myself enjoy it more and have come to really relish those two hours of floating, calm, stasis. Sort of like a lazy river ride without the water... or tire... or sunshine. But restful nontheless.

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