Monday, January 26, 2009

Transmutation in G

One of the things that has been most difficult to reconcile while in school has been the way in which it has affected my ability to stay on top of the many little things that are actually quite important in life and which I had always made a priority: thank you cards, birthday gifts, phone calls to friends, keeping up with emails—communication in general.

I sometimes think it's silly to blame my removal from the world entirely on school. But in my calmer moments, I can at least concede it's been something quite apart from a "regular" sort of life. Graduate school is a bit like running a marathon while birthing a baby and trying to cater a dinner for 350. A great push toward the finish line amidst what often feel like wild and insurmountable obstacles.

It will be interesting to see how life changes beyond graduation. And a practice in mindfulness to note the habits I choose to take with me versus the ones I wish to reinstate from an earlier and less chaotically stressful time. Sometimes I feel so far away from who I was, it's difficult to imagine with any sort of clarity who I will eventually become.

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