Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Fair

We went to the DuQuoin State Fair today with our friend Becky (who Ari has dubbed Beck-Beck), and all had a great time... though I seem to be a little affected by the huge amounts of sun we got today.

There were these crazy bungee things at the Fair that Ari really wanted to do, and the people running the area were nice and let us go in even though she didn't quite meet the age requirement (they were mostly worried she would be afraid or would not want to be handled by strangers).

"Will she be scared?" Um... no. She LOVED it. So much so that when they said it was time to go and they unhooked her, she walked to the next one over, expecting to be able to do that one as well. Unfortunately, Mommy and Daddy did not do a good job prepping her for the fact the "ride" was ending, nor in explaining they only had enough money for one ride. That it's not like the park, where you can switch swings as much as you want and play as long as you want... but that when they said time was up... that would mean it was time to leave.

So... we had a balling little girl who had just moments prior been a brave little circus performer. And since naptime was near, we decided to head home. Maybe we'll try again another time and bring more ride money - with better prep explanations of what to expect and how it all works.

But, between that and the petting zoo, we had a very good time. Animals and circus tricks; what could be better?

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