Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Hope Looks Like

As I left school after class today, I stepped outside and was greeted by a gorgeous sky. Blue with puffy clouds lined in a glowing pinky yellow hue laced with the gold of sunset. It rained most of today, and so seeing such a lovely sky and getting a last glimpse of sun before evening set in felt like a huge treat.

It make me think about the little blessings one receives throughout a day. How it's so easy to forget about or undervalue those small gifts and happy, unasked for kindnesses we may receive. Being in the business of silver linings, so to speak, I've noticed how often I forget to look for and acknowledge my own each day.

Thus begins an intention to be more aware of life's gifts, the generosity and love of others, and the simple, joyous, truly beautiful things happening throughout the day... just waiting to be noticed.

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