Saturday, November 1, 2008

Art Collides with our Former Lives

On our way home from breakfast this morning we heard someone we knew (actually two someones) being interviewed on NPR. We sat in the car and pieced together what was being talked about and slowly figured out what our friends from our Chicago days, Karen and CJ, were doing on the radio.

Turns out they were part of this very cool project undertaken by Corey Dargel, a songwriter who took commissions from people online to write songs... which became an album of 13 songs written about other people's loves. He did a mix of relationship types (romantic, familial, platonic), and his music is sort of odd and ethereal and simple and poetic all at once.

Very interesting. If you want to listen, check it out here. There are some snippets online and a bit of Karen's and CJ's story, which inspired their song.

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