Tuesday, April 1, 2008


(for Mrs. Hogue, our neighbor)

It's difficult to know what to say or do
when someone leaves your life...
not quite stranger, not quite relative
but something in between.
In this case, a link to my own anchor,
a promise never spoken to someone
no longer present. An opportunity
to connect and give and love.

Here are my favorite things about you:
The answer you gave the nurse
when she asked how you were...
"Fat and sassy" with a coy smile.
The look of surprise and sheer joy
spreading across your face as Ari
wrapped her arms around your knees
and patted your side, unexpected and sweet.

How you said Arthur called you
"picky, picky" and insisted it was not so,
but made a face reminiscent of a child
when asked about brocolli for Easter dinner.
Your immediate recognition of the connection
between Ari and Andy... the way they adore
one another, and the way that seemed to
make you feel - nostalgic, tickled, knowing.

I will miss you and I'm so grateful
for the opportunity to share in your
journey - even if for a brief time in
a small way that will always feel
like it was never enough.
(Even the smallest kindnesses
create ripples. Thank you for sharing
time in the pond with us.)

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