Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Give us a squeeze!

I think we don't hug enough in today's society. Or rather, I feel like the culture within which I currently live (which is defined by many things) does not allow for enough hugging. Or maybe does not welcome it, or embrace it.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I feel like I've seen more and more people in my daily moving through school, work, class, etc. who really look like they could use a hug. Faces of sadness, exhaustion, worry. Friends who look overwhelmed or worn down. Folks who look like they might explode or implode any second... leaving a sticky mass of emotional goo clinging to the stunned faces of those around them.

Hugs are intimate, which is why I think they are scary to some people. A good hug leaves no place to hide. It is vulnerable, honest, and direct. And not even because it is sexual or physically suggestive. No no. I mean vulnerable in the sense that two people are suddenly fully present - literally and metaphorically linked on multiple levels to stand - joined together - within a small space of time.

It's infinite and unyielding because, if you're doing it right, you are anchored there with another human being sharing in their emotional truth while speaking your own in a silent language understood on a deeper level... a nonexistent conversation both effortless and complete. Ideally, you leave feeling fuller, more grounded, better understood, and more deeply connected than before. Transformed by a small, simple act of kindness and comfort to set out, anew, on your inimitable journey.

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