Sunday, April 6, 2008

Past Post

Our internet was down last night, which meant my daily post for the blog was not going to happen. I briefly considered writing something in Word to transfer over later, but I must admit that laziness and the presence of LOTR: The Two Towers on TNT sufficiently dissuaded me from being appropriately productive.

It would have been one of those nights where I stared at the screen for an hour or two, waiting for inspiration to thump me in the gut. Or at least spit in my face. I think I would have ended up writing a haiku or something short.

Instead, I heard a glorious singer last night while finishing up my kitchen cleaning. I was listening to World Music Cafe and heard Melody Gardot, a jazz singer who sort of fell into the business after a tragic accident led to some music therapy and the uncovering of an untapped and insanely startling talent. Her story is worth reading (and her music amply worth hearing) if you have a moment.

I am forever amazed by the resiliency and strength so many people are capable of in the wake of unexpected and difficult events. It's humbling, inspiring, and restorative... helps me keep my own complaints in perspective and to have faith I can be similarly phoenix-like within the good and bad of my pursuit of truth, contentment, and connection.

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