Friday, December 19, 2008

Learning Curve

Today I was reminded all things happen for a reason and that, if you wait long enough or think hard enough on it, eventually nearly all things will reveal some form of larger purpose or lesson that has been provided as a gift or at least a challenge in order to support further growth.

I sometimes forget this, particularly when things don't go as I had planned, anticipated, or expected. I am not so good with change I have not initiated. But if I am to walk my talk, then I must embrace the notion that all things are offered or thrust upon me for a purpose. Nothing is without meaning or at least without opportunity.

I finished my first semester of internship today and was very, very sad to leave. This was in stark contrast to my emotions the first few weeks of being there, when it felt like nothing had gone right and there was no clear reason why the universe had thwarted my well-laid plans and plopped me down somewhere I thought I had no business being.

Of course, the universe knew better... and my process of discovering this led to greater humility, patience, and faith - all of which has helped me grow as a person.

I have noticed, ever since committing to a helping profession, whatever that larger power is that connects all things tends to know who needs matching up and what combinations of people will lead to the greatest potential for evolution, healing, and change. It's a rather phenomenal aspect of this line of work, and one I am continually surprised by in its intricate and purposeful beauty.

So thanks, universe, for knowing better. I'm glad I paid attention and was able to make the most of your gift.

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