Sunday, December 28, 2008


The Zen temple my husband used to attend emphasizes the importance, during their retreats and training, of eating only until one is full. It's amazing how little food the body actually needs in order to accomplish this, and it is something I struggle with all the time. Which seems equally silly and sad in this moment.

So here I sit, belly over-full, feeling yucky and worrying about what caloric impact it will have upon my mid-section... and what is oh-so-frustrating is that even if I missed the initial "you're full now" signpost, I definitely got the next few hints—and I ignored them.

This is something I want to work on and get better about; a mindfulness exercise that can coincide with resolutions and new starts and whatnot.

It's the first two nuggets of wisdom from Michael Pollan's latest book:

Eat food.
Not too much.

That should not be too hard, right?

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