Saturday, March 15, 2008

21 questions

So... how do you define joy? Do you feel you're living the life you wish to live? Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? Was your path based more on your heart or your head? Or both? What, if anything, do you regret? How did you prioritize? How did you end up here? What advice would you give to someone else? Are you doing what you love? Do you feel you compromised? What do you worry about?

Do you know what color your parachute is? Do you believe you can do what you love and still make money? Are you in touch with your creative juices, your artistic side, your inner voice, the child within?

How do you overcome fear and doubt? Do you believe in fate or destiny? What's the intersection of free will, the middle way, and logistical practicalities? What does your future look like?

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