Saturday, March 22, 2008

That tastes like spring!

I have always loved brussel sprouts - ever since I was a kid. And for a long time, I just fell out of the habit of eating or buying them. But I recently discovered two recipes incorporating fresh brussel sprouts, which my husband and I both love.

They are perfect for spring - and it's lovely to buy a couple of pints all leafy-greeny-freshy-yummy from our local produce market and plop them into meals that make you feel good when you eat them.

Both recipes are from my favorite food blog: 101 Cookbooks. Heidi Swanson, the woman who writes it, is a genius... she focuses on using fresh ingredients and keeps things very simple. But man oh man - it's good stuff!

Here are the two I'd recommend that utilize the cute and plucky brussel sprout:
Carmelized Tofu
Golden-Crusted Brussel Sprouts

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