Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A world full of frailty

Some days I listen to the morning news and wonder how it is one rationalizes seemingly small concerns like finishing the renovations on a home finding a place to live picking classes for the next semester deciding whether my daughter's language skills are developing on time worrying about the balance in the bank account creating a menu for the week and seeking to create the most efficient shopping list I can manage while trying to keep up with homework laundry cooking home repair.

But there are people being shot for leaving their homes in other parts of the world there are middle school children dying from heroin overdose just a few states away there are 9 year olds struggling through withdrawal and all I can think when I'm told there is a drug epidemic is oh my god I can't send my daughter to school how do I keep her safe (and then I think I am going to be a school counselor how can I help keep all my students safe)?

There are people left with nothing because of floods and they join the thousands upon hundreds of thousands of others who have been displaced their possessions destroyed or lost to unforeseen circumstances no one wants to take responsibility for and there is no way they can find recompense because it is chaos it is unpredictable and unfortunate and devastating and all you can do is reach out when you can and offer what you can.

But still... there are mornings when I hear these stories and wish I could simply save those shopkeepers those parents those children those flood victims those civilians caught in the crossfire those 4,000 and counting by praying or being a good person or working to do right by those around me and some would say that's enough but the body counts and bad days and crazy weather and sad stories just keep coming keep escalating and it could happen at any time to anyone because we are all human and most of us are just doing the very best we can with what we have.

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