Monday, March 10, 2008

Twenty simple pleasures for a nearly Spring day

  1. Making a whistle from an acorn cap
  2. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
  3. Clean laundry smell
  4. Birds who cover the land and jump into the air for a brief moment when startled
  5. Driving with the windows open
  6. Sunshine, warmth, and the need for sunglasses
  7. Watching the hum and buzz of life within nearby small towns
  8. Having a 5-year old neighbor introduce his stuffed moose
  9. Leaving the coat unbuttoned and the scarf on the backseat
  10. My father's laughter floating in from the side yard
  11. Iced green tea
  12. Opening the blinds and leaving the lights off
  13. Running along sidewalks with Ariana
  14. Watching Simon lie in the sun - eyes half-closed in blissful, doggy meditation
  15. Little tuplips striving to peek from beneath forgotten fall leaves
  16. Noticing a beautiful sunset out the back door with a smile of a moon framed between two trees
  17. Turning the thermostat down, not hearing the heat come on, and still feeling comfortable
  18. Conversations about God, politics, love, choice, struggle, oppression, justice, and the paranormal
  19. Watching TV on the couch next to Andy
  20. Clean sheets... and a feeling of yummy, happy, sleeeeeepy exhaustion

1 comment:

Claff said...

This was the perfect thing to read today... trapped in Chicago where it feels like the chill and ice will never relinquish its hold on us.

Mmm... sunlight and cookies and green tea. Thank you. :)