Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am taking a class called Career Group Practicum this semester. It is the one everyone forewarns you about... mostly because of the time commitment involved. It's a great learning experience, but it can be very exhuasting at times. On Wednesdays, we have class with our supervisors and talk about the groups we're leading and all sorts of concepts necessary to make the classes we teach (which are psychoeducational groups) a success.

Long story short: I need chocolate for this class each week. Becky, Shelby, and I all do. We all walk down to the vending machines between Wham and Pulliam, select our individual sugary Achilles' heels in candy form, and head back for the second half of our 4.5 hour class. It's a ritual at this point, and one that ties in to some kind of collective, feminine, psychological crutch - a healthy one, but a crutch nonetheless.

I specifically grabbed a dollar before I left home in anticipation of my intended naughtiness during classtime (said chocolate). Then I forgot my water in the car and had to use my dollar to buy a Diet Pepsi because I'm one of those people who must stay hydrated or I'll get a killer headache. Come break time, I was 50 cents short... then Becky gave me a quarter, then Shelby gave me 20 cents. Only 5 cents short!

In a half-joking, half-serious way, all three of us started asking the random students scatterd around us if anyone had a nickle. To my surprise, two girls nearby both started rummaging through their bags. The girl closest to us produced a coin, and I was able to get my Three Muskateers. I thanked her (and the other woman, who offered a quarter) profusely and went back to class sufficiently bouyed by endorphins to finish up.

Never underestimate even the simplest random act of kindness. The smallest of acts can create ripples... and something that seems completely insignificant to you may totally make someone else's day.

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