Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rise again

I had these wonderful and lofty plans to write about emotional resurrection and personal rejuvenation... self-care meets self-efficacy with a bit of social action and spiritual renewal mixed in. But I am exhuasted and not thinking very well at the moment.

It's been a long but wonderful day. Ari was able to participate in an Easter egg hunt at church, Andy and I had a chance to spend some QT together and also got all our errands done, and we had a great holiday dinner involving a new recipe for horseradish-dijon mustard crusted eye of round roast... a sort of blend of a few interesting ideas I found online that came together quite successfully. Ari had real mashed potatoes for the first time (which she loved), and we listened to the Putumayo World Music show on NPR while Ari danced and ate green beans.

We put together a plate for our next door neighbor, who was going to join us if her granddaughter was unable to go out. And we're finishing the evening watching one of our favorite new shows, Living with the Mek Tribe: The Adventures of Mark and Olly.

All in all, a great day - and I feel rejuvenated and resurrected after a terribly stressful week. I hope those who have had more difficulty, stress, or sadness in their own lives can experience a similar revival. May spring herald greater peace, stability, altruism, and safety - in all parts of the world.

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