Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sing a Song of Simon

We have a little Boston Terrier named Simon. Ari calls him Si-Si. Andy and I got him in 2004, right before we got married. We believe he was a trial run for the daughter-to-come. High energy, kind of naughty, intentionally hard of hearing when involved in something that is clearly a no-no... the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, he and Ariana have not yet become best friends. It's something Andy and I hope for all the time because they truly are peas in a pod. But she is still awkward around him and not careful enough, and he is jealous of her and also not always careful enough. They have a tenuous friendship beset by daily squabbles and unmet needs.

One of the things Simon seems to struggle most with is the sharp decrease in mommy-time that he gets now that Ariana is around. He loves to sit on my lap and lay on me when I'm sitting down - and so does Ari. He does not understand why the baby takes precedence over him when he was clearly around first.

So... his mommy-time now consists primarily of sleeping on my lap on the couch once Ari has gone to bed. Andy and I often chill out in front of the TV at night, and Simon's snuggles in while snoring loudly and farting up a storm. Doggy bliss.

What Simon does not know (or at least, I am guessing he does not) is that those hours on the couch together are just as blissful for me. I love my little dog. I love having him on my lap, listening to him snore, and cuddling his little body in my arms so that he feels safe and protected. He's my little dob-baby. And we bring each other joy.

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