Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter transmogrifies

I think sometimes we get so caught up with the down side of bad weather (delays, discomfort, disruption, and safety issues) we forget to notice its potentially beautiful and unique consequences. I'm not talking about disasters or acts of God, but rather bad weather - the stuff we sigh about when looking out the window because it's cold or wet or simply the opposite of sunny, temperate, or calm.

One of the beneficial outcomes of the many ice storms we've had this year has been the way in which it transforms the landscape. From rural, Midwestern, small town to twinkling, Utopian, faerie land... the trees become glass sculptures that look like frozen lollipops begging to be licked or delicate sugar candy aching to be crunched between teeth. The grass becomes spikey, mini-explosions scattered across the ground, jagged and reaching outward like wild toy horses straining to move out and charge into the world.

For a few hours, or even a few days, our environment shifts, taking on a magical, otherworldly appearance, and we are allowed to envision ourselves in new and unusual ways, mirroring the metamorphosis surrounding us.

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