Sunday, March 30, 2008

6(joysorrow) + sorrow

  • Our taxes are done, and we're getting a federal refund.
  • We owe for Illinois.
  • Ariana's finger seems to be healing really well, and she has good range of motion.
  • My next-door neighbor is in the hospital and is not doing so well. She's in her 90s and was close to my grandmother. I went to visit her today during Ari's nap, and she seemed incredibly lonely.
  • We bought a potty for Ari.
  • She likes sitting on it (with her clothes on) but does not want to try peeing or pooping in it yet.
  • My parents are coming for a visit next week and will be here for a little over a week.
  • I keep smashing my feet and toes into things. That's supposed to mean something, but I can't remember what.
  • My best friend just got engaged, and my little sister is getting married this summer.
  • I haven't been to a dentist in a REALLY REALLY long time. And it's been really hard to find one here who takes our insurance.
  • I am going to be doing a "Biggest Loser" thing with some of the other ladies at work... I'm hoping it will help motivate me to lose weight as we head into summer. My goal is 25-30 lbs.
  • One of my counsins is not doing too well lately. He's one of the most amazing people I know, and I really wish I was able to spend more time with him.
  • My friend Rachel wrote an amazing recommendation letter for me. It made me feel really good to read it. As if I could be that outstanding and have really done a lot of great things. How 'bout that.

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DinaBear said...

That's because you are outstanding and have done really great things. One girl's opinion. :-)