Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three-part poo

Poo #1
Ari's sneakers, which light up and are easier for her to walk in than her pink shoes with the silver flowers, have poop on them.

My husband keeps forgetting to clean the poop off... and I really don't feel like doing it either.

Poo #2
Ari was taking a bath recently and let me know that she felt like she needed to poop. This was a circumstance worth celebrating for a parent of a soon-to-be 2 year old who is nearing potty training age and seems to sway back and forth in terms of being interested and/or ready to start. So... to be told with a slightly perceptible look of panic or at least concern that a poop was coming (we are in the bathtub, we know we do not poop in the bathtub, ergo panic/concern) was very, very exciting.

What would have been trememdous: to have a little Ari-sized toilet in the bathroom, ready to be used, upon which I could have sat her down and encouraged her to go ahead and poop while keeping her wrapped in a towel so that she wasn't too cold. It would have been perfect - it would have moved us forward through this anxiety-inducing process of potty training about which REAMS of information has been written.

But no. We have no potty... we have no special seat for the regular toilet. We were not prepared... and so our perfect opportunity for a refuse-related teaching moment passed, unsiezed, and I simply tried to praise our daughter as much as possible for recongizing she needed to poop and telling her how proud I was that we had put on her diaper in time.

Poo #3
I think I'm getting the flu... maybe a stomach bug.

It's not good timing.

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