Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ayuda me por favor

I received help and support from unexpected places today - just as I was feeling discouraged and somewhat separate from those around me. It made me realize how important encouragement and kind words can be.

The art of asking for (and accepting!) help can be tricky for some of us. I certainly fall into that camp... I like to be as self-sufficient as possible, and I feel guilty when asking others for support or something extra simply because I am falling short in some way. Even that conveys an aspect of my own valuation of what it means to ask for help: I am less if I ask for help... it means I am not enough in some way. And the funny thing is, I don't feel that way when others ask me for help... just when I ask for it myself.

But today I asked. From several people. And the responses - enthusiastic, unapologetic, loving - left me feeling less alone, less fearful, and less anxious. A good lesson in a time of challenge and longing.

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Coley said...

And I thought I was going to outgrow that someday.